Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Punjab Government Bans Qingqi Rickshawas With 30 Days Dead Line

Punjab Government Bans Qingqi Rickshawas With 30 Days Dead Line:

The Caretaker Govt of Punjab has taken another step for better terrain. Regional Secretary Transport sealed 21 manufactories manufacturing the body of Qingqi cabs in several areas of the parochial capital Lahore. According to the Minister Transport, Livestock, and Mines & Minerals, Ibrahim Hassan Murad immorally turning a motorcycle into a riding gharry or  haul gharry is a serious crime. 

Punjab Govt has given 30 Days deadline to all illegal manufactories and makers. After the deadline strict action will be taken against the Chingchi Rikshaw possessors and manufactories.

The action of the Regional Secretary of Transport sealed 21 factories manufacturing Chung Chi rickshaw bodies in several areas of the provincial capital Lahore. 

These factories were making Chung Chi rickshaw bodies without a license. Rana Mohsin, Secretary Regional Transport It is a serious crime to illegally convert a motorcycle into a rider rickshaw or loader rickshaw. All persons involved in this illegal profession are warned to desist from this act. 

Otherwise, one may face strict legal action. Remember your illegal act can take someone's precious life. Respected citizens are requested to identify the elements involved in such serious crimes to ensure safe journey.

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